Considering Concerns About Biden's 2024 Viability Within Democratic Party
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Considering Concerns About Biden's 2024 Viability Within Democratic Party

To: Sen. Bennet, Rep. Crow, Sen. Hickenlooper

From: A constituent in Englewood, CO

July 9

As President Biden faces mounting opposition within his own party for the 2024 nomination, it is crucial that you, as a leading Democratic voice, take a firm stance on this pivotal issue. Several of your House colleagues have already publicly called for Biden to withdraw, citing concerns over his ability to defeat the Republican nominee and lead the party to victory. Many more have expressed similar sentiments in private, fearing that Biden's candidacy could jeopardize the chance to regain a House majority. While the President has a long record of public service, the debate performance and recent events have raised doubts about his viability as a candidate. Vice President Kamala Harris is seen by many as a stronger alternative who could energize the Democratic base and appeal to a broad coalition of voters. It is time for bold leadership and a clear commitment to fielding the strongest possible nominee. By publicly urging Biden to step aside, you would send a powerful message about placing the party's interests above personal ambition. A united front is essential, and your voice could resonate across the party at this critical juncture.

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