Balance Corrupt SCOTUS NOW!!
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Balance Corrupt SCOTUS NOW!!

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Cleveland, OH

July 5

It’s time to Impeach the Corrupt Thomas and Traitorous Alito: Ram through FIVE progressive Young justices to balance those who Lied under Oath about Roe and those who plan on retiring - exactly same as they did so close to an election. Prosecute and remove sitting Congress who participated and supported January 6 and still deny the election - they are Treasonous!! Investigations should have already happened by now!! A corrupt scotus, appointed by a convicted felon who now allows him to be above the law is endangering our Democracy. Stop being POLITE ALREADY!! Make Roe Protected Federal Law!! Women deserve more Rights than Corpses!!! Block the Convicted Felon from being allowed to run for ANY ELECTED OFFICE!!! I support and will VOTE for You and Harris but we need ACTION NOW. Thank you.

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