An open letter to Rep. De La Cruz, Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Cruz.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. De La Cruz, Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Cruz

From: A constituent in Hidalgo, TX

July 10

This resolution condemns inflammatory rhetoric from Representative Rashida Tlaib regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, oversimplifying complex geopolitical issues does more harm than good. The occupation of Palestinian territories and Israel's treatment of Palestinians are human rights concerns raised by international organizations. Hamas's status as a terrorist group is also disputed, as they are viewed by some as a legitimate resistance movement. This resolution perpetuates a one-sided narrative without acknowledging Palestinian grievances or Israel's role. Rather than condemning speech, an open and nuanced discussion is needed to work towards a just resolution to this decades-old conflict. I urge you to oppose this resolution and instead support efforts for impartial dialogue and adherence to international law.

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