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To: Rep. Pfluger, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn

From: A verified voter in Mason, TX

June 5

Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. What are y’all doing? We read that elected officials are simply reacting to their constituents concerns when they loudly condemn the ‘weaponization of the DOJ” in reaction to a STATE jury’s verdict of guilty for the current GOP presidential candidate. Have y’all forgotten that you are the ones who are stoking this particular issue with your own words and actions? I get that you need to respond to constituents. But what if those constituent concerns are illegitimate? Based on conspiracy and disinformation? Dangerous to our democratic system? Supporting irresponsible untrue beliefs and giving them legitimacy and voice adds to the problem. This is irresponsible at the least. And a dereliction of duty at the worst. Legal decisions are made every day that someone disagrees with. But that is the system we have. The system that keeps us America. We do not get to pick and choose which verdicts we agree with. That is what the appeals system is for. And Mr. Trump is appealing the verdict. As is his right. And he may well be acquitted as a result. Why not wait for that before burning down the barn? Do I really need to explain this to lawyers and ex-judges? I too am a constituent. A constituent who may not agree with every decision I see made by the courts. But I live with it. Because that is the system I live under in this country. It’s part of the compact we make being Americans. And those of you who know this better than the average citizen has a responsibility to take care. And you are not. “Asked whether Republicans should focus on the verdict in their 2024 messaging, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) argued “One of the biggest threats to democracy is the politicization, corruption of our justice system.”” See what I mean?

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