Stop Endangering Our Community with Gun Votes
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Stop Endangering Our Community with Gun Votes

To: Rep. Gaydos

From: A constituent in Imperial, PA

June 5

I am writing to express my deep frustration and concern regarding your recent voting record on several crucial gun control measures. As a constituent, I am particularly troubled by your votes against establishing an Electronic Record of Gun Sales, banning Machine Gun Trigger Switches, implementing Extreme Risk Protection Orders, mandating the Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms, and regulating ghost guns like real firearms. Your vote against creating an Electronic Record of Gun Sales hampers our ability to trace firearms used in crimes and enforce existing laws effectively. This measure would significantly aid law enforcement in keeping our communities safe by preventing illegal gun trafficking and unauthorized possession. By opposing the ban on Machine Gun Trigger Switches, you have allowed devices that effectively turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic ones to remain accessible. This decision poses a severe threat to public safety, as these devices can exponentially increase the lethality of firearms. Your vote against Extreme Risk Protection Orders, which allow temporary removal of firearms from individuals deemed a danger to themselves or others, disregards a proven method to prevent potential tragedies. These orders are a critical tool in reducing gun violence and protecting vulnerable individuals. Lastly, your opposition to treating ghost guns like real firearms and the Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms undermines efforts to close dangerous loopholes in our gun laws. Ghost guns are untraceable and pose a unique risk, while failing to report lost or stolen firearms facilitates illegal circulation and misuse. I urge you to reconsider your stance on these issues and to support common-sense gun control measures that protect our communities. Your constituents deserve to feel safe, and your votes should reflect a commitment to public safety and responsible gun ownership.

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