Cease Arms Shipments to Israel
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Cease Arms Shipments to Israel

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Providence, RI

May 7

I am seeing in the news and on my social media that Israel, despite all the pressure from the international community, is assaulting Rafah. This is after Prime Minister Netanyahu attempted to stop Al-Jazeera reporting on the attacks on Gaza and the US paused ammunition shipments as part of warning Israel off the Rafah offensive. If nothing else has convinced us that Israel is using and will continue to use U.S. arms shipments in operations that go against their word and are being used in violation of international law, this should be it. The United States must cease to give Israel military aid until they agree to a cease-fire that Hamas has already shown full willingness to participate in. Support for Israel in their attacks on Gaza is massively unpopular with Democratic voters, and our elected officials must follow suit and cease to support them until they, at minimum, cease to treat this as a total war against the Palestinian people, and preferably until then remove Netanyahu from leadership and install someone who follows the will of the people protesting within Israel itself against the attacks.

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