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Back Biden

To: Rep. Caraveo, Sen. Hickenlooper, Sen. Bennet

From: A constituent in Northglenn, CO

July 11

President Biden has devoted his life to fighting for the American people. Though he may have had a disappointing debate performance, we cannot ignore his exemplary track record over the past 3.5 years in office. He has consistently delivered on key issues that matter most to citizens. It would be unwise to overturn the will of the people who elected him based on one stumble. We need stability and experience to navigate these challenging times, which President Biden provides. Rather than entertaining rash decisions, I urge steadfast support behind our President to ensure we stay on track and defeat the tremendous threat posed by Donald Trump's lies and damage to our democracy. President Biden's leadership is crucial, and we must rally behind him unwavering to protect our nation's interests.

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