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To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Merritt Island, FL

May 15

You said you would draw a line at Rafah. That you would send no more aid. Netanyahu doesn’t need our money to commit genocide. He has plenty of money. This is not self-defense. Ukraine is self-defense. This is genocide and you have blood on your hands. I can’t tell you how many Democrats I know who are saying you’ve lost their vote. Most Americans do not support this war & your supporting it with our tax dollars could cost you the election and give us an unending Trump presidency. Why is it so hard for you to take a stand? How many aid workers need to be killed? How many children starved? How many parents crying over the corpses of their infants? You want to stand as the voice of decency against Donald Trump. But there is no decency in the actions you’ve taken. I canvas, I phone bank, I write postcards every election year for Democrats. I won’t be doing that for you, sir, unless you demonstrate immediately that you are not going to stand with war criminals. That you understand the difference between anti-semitism & anti-Netanyahu. That you will not cave to the Jewish lobby. That you know the difference between right & wrong. That you have a spine. I hope you have a spine.

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