Opportunity to fund education through regulated gambling revenue
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Opportunity to fund education through regulated gambling revenue

To: Rep. Rigsby, Sen. Butler, Gov. Ivey

From: A verified voter in Huntsville, AL

May 1

The lottery and casino bill represents an important opportunity for Alabama to generate significant revenue that can be directed towards educational purposes. As proposed in HB151, proceeds from the lottery and casinos would provide vital funding to support our schools and enhance learning opportunities for students across the state. Furthermore, allowing citizens to vote on this issue upholds democratic principles and gives the people a voice in shaping the future of our state. This comprehensive legislation underwent a thorough vetting process, with input from lawmakers and stakeholders to reach a carefully crafted compromise. It strikes a balance by authorizing a lottery, which the majority of states have embraced, while also establishing a regulated framework for casino gambling to prevent an uncontrolled proliferation. The proposed 10 casino locations, including three operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, would create new jobs and drive economic development in communities across Alabama. At the same time, measures are in place to address problem gambling and ensure operations are conducted responsibly. This bill represents a rare opportunity to tap into a significant untapped revenue stream. The education of our children is one of the most vital investments we can make as a state. By passing this legislation, we can unlock crucial funding to strengthen our schools, attract quality educators, and give Alabama's students the resources they need to succeed. While no solution is perfect, the time has come for Alabama to join most other states in establishing a lottery and regulated casino gambling. This plan has undergone rigorous scrutiny and extensive debate. Let us now give the people of Alabama the chance to have their voice heard at the ballot box on this pivotal issue.

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