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Map PinPhenix City, AL

Codify Alabama Library Bill of Rights into law.

The Alabama Library Bill of Rights affirms the fundamental rights of free speech, freedom to read, and intellectual freedom that libraries must uphold for all people. To enshrine these principles into law, I propose introducing legislation in the 2025 session to formally adopt the Alabama Library Bi

Map PinPhenix City, AL

Support Workman's Comp for Educators.

The well-being of educators is crucial for ensuring a quality education system. Requiring teachers to pay out-of-pocket for on-the-job injuries, and then navigate a lengthy reimbursement process through the Board of Adjustment, places an undue burden on these dedicated professionals. The proposed "M

Map PinPhenix City, AL

Defend librarians' freedom to serve communities without fear

Libraries and librarians play a vital role in promoting intellectual freedom, access to knowledge, and fostering a well-informed society. Criminalizing their work and imposing misdemeanor charges for shelving books that some may find objectionable is an alarming attack on free speech and could lead

Map PinPhenix City, AL

Codify Alabama Library Bill of Rights into law

The Alabama Library Association affirms the vital role libraries play in promoting literacy, inspiring lifelong learning, and ensuring free access to information and ideas as outlined in its Library Bill of Rights. To safeguard these core principles and maintain consistent protections for intellectu

Map PinPhenix City, AL

Comprehensive workers' compensation for Alabama's education workforce

It is imperative that Alabama's hard-working educators have access to proper workers' compensation benefits. The current system of seeking reimbursement through the Board of Adjustment has proven woefully inadequate, leaving many injured teachers and school staff struggling with significant financia

Map PinPhenix City, AL

Defend librarians' intellectual freedom - protect democracy

A vibrant democracy depends on the free exchange of ideas and access to information from diverse perspectives. Libraries play a vital role in upholding these principles by providing resources that foster learning, critical thinking, and intellectual exploration for all members of the community. Crim

Map PinHuntsville, AL

More details needed to advocate for Senate bill

The BUMP Act, proposed by Senators Martin Heinrich, Susan Collins, and Catherine Cortez Masto, aims to prevent the illegal manufacturing and trafficking of machine gun conversion devices known as auto-sears, which transform semi-automatic firearms into illegal fully automatic weapons. This bipartisa

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