An open letter to Pres. Biden, Sen. Van Hollen, Rep. Mfume, Sen. Cardin.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Van Hollen, Rep. Mfume, Sen. Cardin

From: A verified voter in Halethorpe, MD

July 10

I'm troubled by how recent events involving President Biden have been portrayed in the media and political talk. While the recent debate may not have shown his best side, it's understandable to react strongly to obvious lies, like those from Trump. Biden's response wasn't about age or confusion but a natural reaction to Trump's wild claims. How do you handle such bold lies delivered so confidently? Lies are lies, no matter how forcefully they're said. Biden was trying to figure out the best way to respond. We need to shift away from just criticizing Biden's performance and focus on countering Trump's falsehoods. Take Trump's words on Gaza, for example—saying he'd "finish the job" implies more destruction, not peace talks or a two-state solution. Is that what voters want? Trump's wild claims about abortion and women's rights also need to be corrected. We must highlight Trump's reluctance to accept election results unless he wins. His misleading comments on immigration also need correcting for all Americans to understand. With the Supreme Court's recent decisions on immunity, a second Trump term could have serious consequences. I urge you to talk to your fellow citizens, push for clear and truthful political discussions, and make sure misinformation doesn't dictate our future. The stakes are high, and we can't afford to ignore them.

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