Ceasefire now
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Ceasefire now

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in East Providence, RI

May 29

This administration has wholly let me down with its response to the genocide in Gaza. Stop sending Israel weapons. Stop sending Israel moral support. Stop giving Israel the benefit of the doubt. Stop spouting off Zionist propaganda. Send Palestinians aid. Send Palestinians a message that never again means never again for anyone. Speak out against settler colonialism. Demand a ceasefire. Stand by your ed to terrorism and excused our own cruelty in the name of patriotism following 9/11. End the complicity. End the direct, material support of belligere previous sentiments condemning an invasion of Rafah. Change your behavior now that this trust has been broken. Admit the US's faults in how we respond nt retaliation. In what world is there a legal way to kill children?

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