Stop supporting war criminals, demand a ceasefire now.
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Stop supporting war criminals, demand a ceasefire now.

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Issaquah, WA

June 8

The Israeli and US army infiltrated Nuseirat refugee camp disguised as humanitarian aid, when we know that starvation and lack of access to water is so bad in Gaza that 1 million will most likely face death by starvation by mid-July. And then they proceeded to massacre 220 civilians, including women and children and wounded 400 more. All in order to save four hostages that could have been freed by negotiating a safe and equitable ceasefire. What were/are you thinking okaying this? Are you trying to lose the elections? Most of your voting block has been screaming and damanding you stop supplying weapons and political support to Israel and you answer us by sending our military to murder 220 people and wound another 400? In a place where half the population are children? All of this after we found out from reputable news sources that Palestinians are being sexually assaulted with objects at Israeli prisons, as well as being tortured in other horrible ways. I am so disgusted with our government and so angry that I truly don't know what else to say. Israel has been murdering children for 8 months, at least 15,000 of them. They've left at least 17,000 of them orphaned and 10 children lose limbs every day due to Israeli aggression. As parents, how can any of you go to sleep? Enough is enough, we can help bring safety and peace to everyone by demanding a ceasefire and working on a diplomatic solution that is fair to both Palestine and Israel. As a mother I am sick and tired of seeing children being violently murdered or harmed. In the name of international safety and not losing our standing at such a precarious time, please please demand a ceasefire. End this madness. All you're supporting is less and less people supporting Israel/Zionism in the future and losing the elections in November. Please help make both Jewish people worldwide and Palestinians safe and bring ALL the hostages back home safe. I can't vote for someone who won't strongly speak out against genocide, because I truly believe there is nothing worse than that, despite Trump being the alternative. Because if you won't listen to us anyways, what's the point of voting for you anyways? Might as well know that at least I didn't vote for the people supporting and abetting a genocide.

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