New York needs congestion pricing now for transit funding
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New York needs congestion pricing now for transit funding

To: Gov. Hochul

From: A constituent in Brooklyn, NY

June 5

Delaying the implementation of congestion pricing in Manhattan would be a significant setback for efforts to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and fund critical infrastructure improvements for the public transit system that powers New York's economic engine. The congestion pricing plan was carefully crafted over many years with extensive public input and is designed to generate $1 billion annually in revenue for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to upgrade and maintain the city's aging subway, bus, and commuter rail networks that working class New Yorkers rely on. While the wealthy may be able to afford driving into Manhattan, congestion pricing aims to discourage unnecessary vehicle travel and encourage a shift to sustainable transportation modes accessible to all income levels. The plan includes discounts and exemptions for low-income residents and other groups to mitigate potential hardships. Postponing this innovative and forward-thinking policy would be a missed opportunity to make meaningful progress on critical transportation, environmental, and economic goals by prioritizing investment in reliable public transit over catering to those affluent enough to drive in congested areas. The city and state should move forward with the scheduled June 30th implementation date to demonstrate leadership in sustainable urban mobility and an equitable transportation system.

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