Oppose unconditional military aid, promote Israeli-Palestinian peace
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Oppose unconditional military aid, promote Israeli-Palestinian peace

To: Sen. Padilla, Rep. Garamendi, Sen. Butler

From: A constituent in El Sobrante, CA

May 7

As representatives of the people, it is crucial that we take a stand against violence and oppression. The proposed Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act allocates billions of dollars in military aid to Israel without addressing the ongoing human rights violations against Palestinians. Funneling more weapons and funding into this conflict will only perpetuate the cycle of violence and suffering. We have a moral obligation to promote peace, justice, and human rights for all people. Providing unconditional military support to one side fuels resentment, breeds extremism, and makes a negotiated resolution more difficult to achieve. Instead, we should use our influence to push for an end to the illegal occupation, dismantle the apartheid system, and support a just and lasting peace agreement that upholds the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians. I urge you to vote against this bill and redirect those funds toward humanitarian aid, diplomatic efforts, and initiatives that bring people together rather than driving them further apart. We cannot claim to stand for freedom and democracy while enabling the oppression of millions through our tax dollars. It is time we take meaningful steps to resolve this decades-old conflict through dialogue and adherence to international law, not more military force.

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