Your policy on Palestine is an abomination.
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Your policy on Palestine is an abomination.

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Jackson Heights, NY

May 8

How many dead Palestinian children will be enough to satisfy you? What kind of ghoul is more upset about protestors saying “intifada” than about tens of thousands of children being murdered by his so-called ally? Shame! I refuse to be complicit. I demand that you take action: 1. Begin an arms embargo, now! Halt the provision of all aid and arms to Israel immediately in order to obey US law under 10 USC 362, 22 USC 2378-1, and 22 USC 2378d. 2. Use the full strength of US resources to demand that Israel comply with the UN Security Council ceasefire resolution, and work to achieve a lasting ceasefire. 3. Force Israel to let sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza via existing land routes; support the efforts of the Freedom Flotilla in their emergency mission to deliver aid to Gaza; fund UNRWA. 4. Sanction Israel for its illegal actions, including in the West Bank. 5. HANDS OFF RAFAH! De-escalate! No more bombs on Gaza, Yemen, Iran, or anywhere else in the Middle East! No more forever wars!

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