An open letter to Rep. Feenstra, Sen. Grassley, Sen. Ernst.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Feenstra, Sen. Grassley, Sen. Ernst

From: A constituent in Emmetsburg, IA

June 2

The benefits of eliminating the biannual time change for daylight saving time are increasingly being recognized. The disruption to sleep schedules and loss of productivity during the transition periods take a significant toll. Studies have linked the time changes to increased health risks like heart attacks, strokes, and even car accidents due to fatigue. Many states are already considering or have passed legislation to stay on one consistent time year-round. This would eliminate the hassle of resetting clocks twice a year and provide stability for businesses, schools, and everyday life. A permanent end to the antiquated practice of changing clocks would promote better sleep, health, and productivity for all. A straightforward solution is available - we should take action to lock the clocks and do away with the switching for daylight saving time.

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