Defund, Divest, and Sanction to Israeli government
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Defund, Divest, and Sanction to Israeli government

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in San Francisco, CA

April 29

I continue to be appalled that my taxes are paying to fund the Israeli government, and that my taxes are being used to buy munitions for the killing of Palestinians. There is no defense for Hamas' attack against Israel in October; and there is even less defense for Israel now having killed well over 30,000 Palestinians in revenge. Further, I am in full support of the college students protesting in favor of a Ceasefire. To call that or to attempt to frame that plea as "anti-Semitic" is an affront to democracy, and a blatant attempt at manipulation. Finally, I urge you to go a step further than what the college students are asking for – a Ceasfire – and instead, I am urging you to consider the Defund, Divest, and Sanction option. We, the people of the world, have seen no movement toward a Two State solution; all we have seen for the 50-years of my lifetime is a growing apartheid state, which has now crossed a line in the sand and seems to be making moves toward genocide of the Palestinian people. Defund, Divest, and Sanction — that is how we can achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East. I urge you to muster the courage for that stance, and I promise my support if you do — and my approbation if you do not.

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