An open letter to Pres. Biden.
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An Open Letter

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in New Orleans, LA

June 30

You are going to loose Joe. Not just you, but millions of Americans because the Democratic Party can't seem to get the idea that you can't "work with" fa scists. Tolerating the intolerable has not worked out at all, and establishment Democrats have held onto power, and held on to a dead idea for far too lo ng. You don't inspire anyone. The only inspiration you bring is to people who understand what's really a mistake. The problem is, I think we are already far past a point of no return. with terrifying repercussions for decades to come. effectively placing the court above the executive and legislative branches in one fell swoop with the current chevron decision being akin to a soft coup The Supreme Court has made multiple decisions recently, they have de facto made themselves the absolute arbiter in every regulatory case moving forward, imply exist to pay into the system, only to be thrown away when I can no longer do that. No taxation without representation, I don't think I have ever been represented in my adult life by anyone elected to any office in the United States. I s age really, other than you are part of the same system. There's nothing liberal or progressive about your agenda, you, or the current Democratic Party. You are going to lose through apathy. Millions of people will lose through apathy, because you are sending the wrong message. You aren't sending any mess , laying waste to everything men and women fought and died for. America has no functional representative democracy. You, and the rest of your elderly establishment Democrats are hand delivering the United States into the clutches of fascism at the behest of the wealthy

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