Keep Upneeq under control!
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Keep Upneeq under control!

To: Sen. Hoylman-Sigal, Gov. Hochul, Assembly Member O'Donnell

From: A verified voter in New York, NY

July 4

I am writing to urgently request your support in reducing the price of Upneeq for patients who have a medical necessity for this medication. Upneeq is vital for treating acquired ptosis, a condition that impairs vision and quality of life for many individuals. Unfortunately, the high cost of this medication places it out of reach for countless patients who desperately need it. Access to essential medications should not be determined by one's financial situation. By making Upneeq more affordable, we can ensure that all patients who require it can benefit from its life-changing effects. The current pricing structure creates significant barriers to treatment, exacerbating health disparities and preventing many from achieving optimal health outcomes. I urge you to prioritize this issue and work towards making Upneeq accessible to all who need it. Your leadership can make a profound difference in the lives of many patients.

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