So many successes during such trying times. Impressive!
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So many successes during such trying times. Impressive!

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Huntington, TX

May 31

I really appreciate the job you have done and continue to do. I pray that you have four more years. It has been so nice to have an adult in the Oval. I can’t even list/remember all the things you’ve accomplished. There are several that are most notable to me. I was most proud of your states-craft in late ‘21 and early ‘22 when Russia was amassing on the border of Ukraine, and you went to work and garnered support of the NATO allies for Ukraine. That was some diplomacy. Sure caught Putin unawares. He thought NATO had been weakened by the former guy. He was wrong. But I believe it was the result of your handiwork that reengaged NATO in such a strong advocacy/protective role. Thankfully! For I believe that kept Russia from just rolling over Ukraine. And who knows where he would’ve landed next! I was also most impressed right after the inauguration and you hadn’t even had access to begin the transition before the inauguration and you hit the door running. You got the vaccine out to the people using so many ways that I didn’t even know were possible. It was quite the event to watch. I was very impressed with that. By the end of March, I got my first vaccine. A mere six weeks after your inauguration. That was some hefty work to get all that produced, online and shipped out. Impressive. I also noticed the effect of the child tax credit on people. I am a social worker and live in backwoods east Texas, where the poverty is immense. It helped so many families. It’s too bad it was blocked from continuing. But it gave a lot of people relief during that time. The Chips act will bring so many high-paying skilled jobs. The infrastructure act was so long overdue. Also gun reform - the first significant gun reform in decades. During such a fractious time you have been able to weave together through your states-craft coalitions to get tough, much-needed legislation passed. And you do it quietly, behind the scenes, without a lot of fanfare. Your wisdom at states-craft amazes me. Thank you for your service. Most politicians I don’t thank because I think they just go into the job for the power. But you strike me as such a humble servant. You could be home enjoying your grandkids, riding your bike on the beach in your elder years, but you choose to serve. And it’s nice to have somebody with such wisdom and ability doing the job in the White House. God bless you and yours. Thanks for all, Patricia.

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