Stop the panic, lead
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Stop the panic, lead

To: Rep. Khanna, Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler

From: A constituent in Sunnyvale, CA

July 8

I am writing to you, my Democratic representative, about the upcoming election. Please ask whoever is in charge of the fundraising for both the Biden campaign and the Democrats to stop with the frantic, flailing and frankly off putting panic fundraising emails. They definitely make it sound like the Dems have no clue and no faith in their candidate. Secondly, I don’t really have faith that our elected officials and party leaders do have faith in Biden moving forward. As one of your constituents we are constantly asked, harangued really, to choose a not very popular candidate to save our democracy. Biden has done a great job, but he is coming across like a cranky, stubborn great-grandpa Joe who will not listen to anything but what he wants. Is he really doing the best thing he can do to save democracy by insisting on running? Just have to ask, because combining the tone of all the fundraising emails and media coverage after the debate I do wonder. And I do not believe we can take another Trump presidency and remain whole. Please do what you can to help the party change the tone of its messaging from whining helplessness to positive action and to consider whether Biden is truly, 100% the best candidate, because if not, he needs to step aside. This might be the action he needs to take to secure democracy.

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