Make me proud, stop genocide!  Call for ceasefire NOW!
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Make me proud, stop genocide! Call for ceasefire NOW!

To: Lt. Gov. Patrick, Rep. Flores, Sen. Eckhardt, Gov. Abbott

From: A constituent in Austin, TX

January 6

After World War II, people asked the Germans "Why didn't you DO SOMETHING?"   When they ask you, what do you want your answer to be? Please do something worthy of telling your grandchildren, and their children. A genocide is going on; our government and media, are supporting the perpetrators. We need to take a stand, for the innocent people of Palestine being slaughtered and starved, for history, and because it's the right thing to do.  This is my home, my state. I want to see her make me proud, by taking a public stand, to support a permanent ceasefire, and end all support for war criminals in Israel. Tell the federal government, that we see the injustice, the children being killed, it's not "defense". That we do not support giving billions of dollars and weapons, to a country committing genocide. Those billions are American tax dollars. They are needed for our schools, infrastructure, veterans, healthcare, poor, homeless, victim support, etc. Israel has escalated matters, WWIII could be next. The US is isolated from our allies, this has lost us every ounce of integrity we once had. We are now complicit in crimes against humanity, all of us. I demand this from my federal officials, and I'd like you to demand these also: - Immediate, permanent ceasefire. - Open all access points to Gaza, and get humanitarian aid to the starving, freezing, injured, disease ridden civilians. Airdrop it to inaccessible areas.  - Withdraw all funding, weapons, and support for Israel, sever ties. Call for an embargo.  If you don't know much about Gaza, and believe the news, that the Hamas attack was unprovoked, and they committed atrocities, then I will begin to re-educate you. You'll be hearing more from me. The two most important points: western media is biased favoring Israel, and it didn't start on Oct 7th.  Prior to October 7th Israel killed over 25,000¹ Palestinians and injured hundreds of thousands. Palestinians have been abused, oppressed, and tortured, since 1948, when they were thrown out of their own homes. Israel routinely detains people, indefinitely, most without charges, even children. Hamas needed hostages to trade, it's the only way to free the detainees. This is what Oct 7th was about. Oct 7th stories envoke strong emotions. We can't think clearly when we're emotional, so every week or two, Israel "uncovers" another atrocity or guilt trip. These are timed to keep us in a perpetually emotional state; it's manipulation.  I can't claim to know what occurred on Oct 7th, I wasn't there. But, strategically, it would make no sense, to waste time committing atrocities, when they needed to get hostages and return, or die; nor to kill valuable hostages. Whatever Hamas is, they're clearly astute, not hasty. Israel is not credible; nearly every outrageous claim, has been refuted. They use AIPAC to  manipulate our government, and perhaps our media. It'd be crazy to believe them now. I don't.  ¹ Poor, inconsistent record keeping; number estimated.

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