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To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Higgins, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. Cassidy

From: A verified voter in Lake Charles, LA

May 8

House Republicans sending threats to the ICC is insanity. Both democrats and republicans have lost their damn minds. Is this who we are now? Do we flaunt international law? What has happened to my country? This is not the United States I grew up in. We were the pinnacle of freedom and human rights and we are trashing international law on a global stage. This body of congress and this Administration will be the downfall of us. We don't need to worry about China or Russia with leaders like you. Disgusted. Whats happening in Rafah is on our dime and our responsibility. We could have stopped this months ago. Are we really going to throw away everything this country was built on because of a foreign government that has made us appear weak to the entire world. Get it together.

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