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Kamala Harris

To: Sen. Cantwell, Rep. Larsen, Sen. Murray

From: A verified voter in Coupeville, WA

June 30

Dear President Biden, You have been an outstanding President since you defeated Donald Trump by 7 million votes in 2024. That includes your daring selection of Kamala Harris as the first female Vice President - and your chosen successor in an emergency. Kamala Harris has been an outstanding Vice President. She has represented you and the United States with dignity and integrity abroad. Here at home, she has spoken passionately for reproductive freedom, racial justice and Democracy. The 2024 campaign will be exhausting, because Donald Trump insists on lying - both about his 4 years as President and yours. If you decide to defeat Trump one last time, we will support you fully. But we believe Kamala Harris has the passion, determination, and energy to inspire young voters and create a gigantic Blue Wave that will defeat Donald Trump and elect Democrats everywhere. So we urge you to #PassTheTorch to Kamala Harris and secure your legacy as the President who saved American Democracy from Donald Trump - and chose a successor who will make America proud.

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