Reject discriminatory Arizona SB1166 harming transgender students
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Reject discriminatory Arizona SB1166 harming transgender students

To: Rep. Mathis, Gov. Hobbs, Sen. Sundareshan, Rep. Gutierrez

From: A constituent in Tucson, AZ

May 4

Arizona Senate Bill 1166 represents an unacceptable violation of the rights and well-being of transgender students in our state's public schools. This misguided legislation mandates that schools notify parents if staff use names or pronouns affirming a student's gender identity, outrageously undermining these youths' privacy and autonomy. Furthermore, it provides a discriminatory religious exemption allowing school employees to refuse using affirming names and pronouns based on personal beliefs, enabling prejudiced treatment of vulnerable transgender students. Such provisions foster an unwelcoming and unsafe environment that can seriously imperil these students' mental health and ability to learn. As affirmed by major medical authorities, respect for gender identity is crucial for transgender youth's development and thriving. SB1166 disregards well-established best practices and flies in the face of core values of equality and human dignity. For the sake of our state's transgender students, who deserve to be supported rather than stigmatized, this harmful bill demands opposition and rejection.

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