An open letter to Sen. Rubio, Sen. Scott, Rep. Waltz.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Rubio, Sen. Scott, Rep. Waltz

From: A verified voter in The Villages, FL

June 3

Hi, I'm a constituent calling from 32162. My name is Nancy Grenard First, I know the Right to Contraception Act (S. 1999) will hit the Senate floor this week, with a vote slated for Wednesday. I expect the Senator to vote yes, and if he is planning on voting ‘no’ I’d like to know why in writing, please. Second, I’m disappointed that Speaker Johnson and Leader Schumer have invited Benjamin Netanyahu to come speak before Congress. Netanyahu is a failed leader and an extremist who has been ignoring President Biden’s advice. He should be resigning, not appearing before Congress. I’d like the Senator to boycott his appearance, just as 58 members of Congress did in 2015. Thanks.

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