End the US funded genocide
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End the US funded genocide

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Petaluma, CA

May 27

Today we watched Israel burn refugees alive in their tents. We saw a baby beheaded by your bombs. Your vetos in the Security Council are beyond monstrous. If you think we won’t spend the rest of our days pursuing justice for your crimes you are a fool. If you think we will not spend the the rest of our lives destroying your colonial legacy, you have lost the plot. We will put you on trial for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity. We will make sure your children’s children know what you did, and anywhere your name appears, it will be followed by “war criminal”. We will make sure no democrat or republican is ever allowed to run turtle island again. We will echo your crimes into eternity and decompose the system you stand for. Ireland has forsaken you. Your ancestors have abandoned you. May your soul never find peace, may your lies haunt your family for generations, may your cruelty never occur again on this planet, may justice be served and may you wither under the weight of it.

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