It Is Time to Remove Biden from the Ticket
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It Is Time to Remove Biden from the Ticket

To: Gov. Newsom

From: A constituent in San Pablo, CA

June 29

I am writing to you as a staunchly progressive Democrat who is incredibly. concerned. I believe that Joe Biden has done a terrific job as president. I appreciate all that he has fought for even when he was thwarted by a conservative Supreme Court, Republican majority in the House, and too few sufficiently progressive Democrats/Independents in the Senate. I have supported almost all of the legislation he has worked for and passed. I was so pleasantly surprised by how progressively he governed along with his support for environmental causes, unions, the middle class, women, and LGBTQIA+ individuals among others. After seeing President Biden’s performance in the debate, I can no longer support him as the Democratic nominee for president. I think that there will be credible calls to have him removed from office, let alone having him continue to be the nominee. Up until Thursday at about 630 pm PST, I have fought and argued for Biden, advocating for him because of all he has accomplished. I can no longer do that. He cannot win. He will not be able to regain the support of huge swathes of even staunch Democrats. Please, even if you only do so in private, have the conversations to remove him from the ticket and replace him with Vice President Harris. We need to act NOW to have enough time to get a ticket that can beat Donald Trump. After seeing Trump in the debate, it is even more obviously vital that we beat him. President Biden cannot do that. We need to remove him from the ticket now.

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