Request to Respect Transgender Rights and Uphold Governor's Veto
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Request to Respect Transgender Rights and Uphold Governor's Veto

To: Rep. Somani, Sen. Kunze

From: A constituent in Hilliard, OH

January 3

The potential override of Governor DeWine's veto on House Bill 68 is a matter of grave concern. This bill, which seeks to ban gender-affirming care and the participation of transgender women in women's sports, directly impacts families like that of Nick Zingarelli, whose transgender daughter has benefited from such care. The decision to pursue gender-affirming care is not taken lightly and often involves extensive counseling and medical advice. Interference in such deeply personal decisions can have far-reaching consequences, potentially forcing families to seek care elsewhere. It is crucial to listen to the voices of those directly affected by this legislation. Therefore, it is requested that the veto not be overridden, respecting the rights and needs of transgender individuals.

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