Banning Masks Will Do More Harm Than Good
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Banning Masks Will Do More Harm Than Good

To: Assembly Member Hevesi, Sen. Comrie, Gov. Hochul

From: A constituent in Forest Hills, NY

June 29

New York's proposed legislation to ban masks on the subway raises significant civil liberties concerns. Outlawing masks would infringe on the rights to anonymous protest and speech, activities protected under the First Amendment. While addressing public safety is a valid priority, selectively prohibiting masks risks discriminatory enforcement against certain groups and undermines personal privacy. Furthermore, many individuals rely on masks for legitimate health reasons unrelated to protests. This proposed ban threatens to marginalize vulnerable communities. Rather than resorting to broad restrictions, more tailored approaches should be explored that balance public order with cherished constitutional freedoms. Criminalizing an act as commonplace as mask-wearing on transit is an overreach with concerning implications for New Yorkers across the board.

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