Prioritize NYC's future: Support congestion pricing now
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Prioritize NYC's future: Support congestion pricing now

To: Sen. Harckham, Assembly Member Burdick, Gov. Hochul

From: A constituent in Chappaqua, NY

June 6

The governor's pause on congestion pricing will disproportionately harm underserved communities reliant on public transit. Stalling congestion pricing deprives the MTA of crucial revenue needed to improve subway, bus, and accessibility services these communities depend on. Without billions in anticipated congestion pricing funds, the MTA faces severe budget shortfalls, jeopardizing transit upgrades meant to better connect lower-income areas. This inequitable delay deepens transit woes for underserved New Yorkers and stymies efforts to enhance accessibility and affordability. Proceeding with congestion pricing is essential to generating funds that expand mobility options for marginalized communities regularly impacted by traffic and poor air quality.

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