An open letter to Sen. Padilla, Rep. Lee, Sen. Butler.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Padilla, Rep. Lee, Sen. Butler

From: A constituent in Berkeley, CA

July 9

President Biden should remain the Democratic candidate. The press seems to be tearing him down for nothing except his age, stutter, and a bad debate performance. It is baffling when there is so much to investigate about Trump's cognitive issues, policies, torrent of lies and threats, Epstein connections, you name it. However, to give in to this pressure would be a huge mistake. The time to decide the candidate was the primary, and it's far to late to make a change. Biden is one of the most productive and effective Presidents since FDR. To give up that incumbent advantage would be foolish and lose us the race. We must unite behind Biden in stopping the rise of Fascism in America, since he is demonstrably capable at the job.

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