An open letter to Rep. Ruiz, Gov. Kelly, Sen. Pettey.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Ruiz, Gov. Kelly, Sen. Pettey

From: A constituent in Kansas City, KS

July 6

My husband is a brilliant architectural designer and fall for 13 years I was a chef, but now I'm a certified lmt. We have lived in our community here in Rosedale for about 10 years together and we're proud of being Kansans in general. However, with the supreme Court's recent ruling and the fact that convicted felon Donald Trump is not behind bars right now and is still somehow qualified to be president of the United States has caused such a disruption in my home that we are seriously considered immigrating. I'm not kidding. I thought it would be just fine if we moved to a blue state, but my husband is convinced that we need to move to the EU. This is all well and good, but moving is the logistical nightmare, also I really don't think that we should be moving backwards instead of forwards as far as a country. I think we should be getting smarter and not dumber. I also think that Donald Trump is not the problem, but I do think that the rise in Christian nationalism as well as the people that think he's some sort of Jesus, despite the fact that he is clearly showing huge cognitive decline the point of qualifying as being demented... I digress. I understand that you cannot reverse a supreme Court's ruling but I understand that you can do something. Kansas is king of states rights and I'm hoping that we are going to, at least, disband ICE and prevent them from operating in our state lines. I don't want to move to the freaking eu. I want to live in my house. I want to continue to be an American citizen and I want to continue to live a life with my friends and family nearby. Please do something before I have to move to Ireland.

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