Comprehensive workers' compensation for Alabama's education workforce
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Comprehensive workers' compensation for Alabama's education workforce

To: Sen. Beasley, Gov. Ivey, Rep. Blackshear

From: A constituent in Phenix City, AL

July 11

It is imperative that Alabama's hard-working educators have access to proper workers' compensation benefits. The current system of seeking reimbursement through the Board of Adjustment has proven woefully inadequate, leaving many injured teachers and school staff struggling with significant financial burdens due to on-the-job injuries. The alarming case mentioned of an educator permanently disabled while protecting a student, yet receiving virtually no support from the state, underscores the urgent need for reform. Providing comprehensive workers' compensation coverage is not just a matter of fairness and support for our dedicated education professionals; it is a practical necessity to attract and retain quality teachers and staff. Potential employees will undoubtedly consider the lack of this fundamental protection a deterrent to entering or remaining in the field. Furthermore, existing educators may feel forced to leave the profession if they suffer a disabling injury without a viable path to adequate compensation and recovery assistance. Senate Bill 1, allowing education employees to access the same injury compensation benefits as other state workers, represents a crucial step towards rectifying this injustice. By establishing a Public Education Employee Injury Compensation Program and Fund, the legislation ensures our teachers, coaches, bus drivers, and support staff receive the care and financial support they deserve if harmed while dutifully serving our children. Comprehensive workers' compensation coverage is not just a reasoned policy decision, but a moral imperative reflecting our values as a society. We must prioritize the well-being of those entrusted with nurturing and educating the next generation. Urgent action is needed to pass this legislation and provide our education professionals with the security and dignity they have long been denied.

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