Support nationwide access to contraceptive care and rights
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Support nationwide access to contraceptive care and rights

To: Rep. Sherrill, Sen. Menendez, Sen. Booker

From: A verified voter in Rockaway, NJ

June 3

The right to contraception is a fundamental right that allows individuals to make decisions about their bodies, medical care, and family planning. This protects the ability to participate equally in economic and social life. The proposed legislation aims to safeguard access to contraceptives and contraception services nationwide, ensuring they remain available without undue restrictions or limitations. It would prevent governments from implementing laws that impede access or single out contraceptive care. This is crucial given recent efforts in some states to restrict contraceptive access and potential threats to overturn precedents protecting contraceptive rights. Protecting contraceptive access promotes public health, combats reproductive coercion, and upholds rights for all, regardless of background. I urge you to support this bill to affirm the right to contraception as a matter of personal liberty and equality.

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