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To: Sen. Cornyn, Rep. Pfluger, Sen. Cruz

From: A verified voter in Mason, TX

May 27

Greetings. I am a voting constituent in rural west Texas. I write today in thanks for all elected officials who served in the military to protect our country. Today you are remembered, and forever appreciated. You did, or still do, the hard work for the rest of us. Hard work that comes with the possibility of giving the ultimate all. We wouldn’t be the country we are without the sacrifices made by you and your families. In contrast, I offer you your current GOP nominee for President. Draft-dodger. I find no record of service by any member of the Trump family. Instead, today, we see a post with a grinning picture of the Trump family, ensconced in the golden atmosphere of Mar-A-Largo with the captioned declaration of “The family that gave all for America. And will do so again.” What a mockery. In 2018 DJT is on record calling the U.S. Marines who died at Belleau Wood in France “suckers” and the American soldiers buried at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery outside Paris “losers.” Excerpted from a military wife’s Memorial Day observation… “In military communities, and in most civilian communities, we revere the people who gave their lives for our country. We honor them and we take care of their families. Not because there’s something in it for us, but because it’s the right thing to do. We do it because when they saw a need, they stepped up, and we owe them at least that much. We do it because we know our large, diverse country is held together only by an understanding of shared sacrifice.  How did we get to a place where mocking our nation’s war dead is not an immediate disqualifier for a commander in chief? Why would any young person agree to wear a military uniform knowing that even their president does not honor their service? And why would anyone who has served in our military ever forgive Donald Trump for denigrating their brothers who were killed in action?  The irony in Trump’s "Make America Great Again" slogan is that, in the years since Trump entered politics, he has remade our country in his own image, a "what’s in it for me" nation where mocking the very concept of sacrifice carries no political repercussions.  If we elect him again, we are the suckers and losers.”

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