Carefully Consider Passing HR642 and Save America's Democracy from SCOTUS
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Carefully Consider Passing HR642 and Save America's Democracy from SCOTUS

To: Rep. Foster

From: A constituent in Crystal Lake, IL

July 2

The Restoring Judicial Separation of Powers Act (H.R. 642) proposes significant reforms to the federal judiciary, including restructuring the Supreme Court and appellate court system. Key provisions include eliminating the Supreme Court's discretionary jurisdiction over appeals, establishing a rotating panel of appellate judges to hear cases involving constitutional interpretation or federal statutes, and restricting nationwide injunctions against federal policies. This bill aims to restore the separation of powers and ensure more balanced judicial review of laws and executive actions. While differing views exist on court reform, I encourage carefully considering the reasoning behind these proposed changes. The fundamental principles of judicial independence, checks and balances, and evenhanded application of the law are crucial to upholding the rule of law and democratic governance. An open and thoughtful examination of how to strengthen these principles could help preserve public trust in the judiciary. Please vote to pass HR642 and vote to expand the Supreme Court to save America's democracy

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