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Map PinUrbana, IL

Hold corrupt Supreme Court justices accountable

I’m asking Rep. Budzinski to become a cosponsor of the recently introduced "Supreme Court Ethics and Investigations Act." Corruption on the Supreme Court is out of control. Chief Justice Roberts won’t rein it in, and so far Congress has seemed to lack the ability or will to do so. This bill would a

Map PinChicago, IL

Protect the right to prevent allergies, dust, wildfire smoke and disease. The North Carolina Senate has passed a bill that would restrict people from wearing masks. This is in direct conflict with public health, protection against cold and flus, COVID protection for immunocompromised and asthma pat

Map PinChicago, IL

I am writing about HB 2365. I understand it passed the Senate in May. Yet it has not yet been sent to the President for his signature. This is important, life saving legislation. Please do whatever you can to get the National Plan To End Parkinson's Act to the President asap.

Map PinChicago, IL

Yesterday, 6/13, the rescue operations to try and save people are in danger of stopping entirely, and the only medical facility with a functioning oxygen station is also at risk. Both urgently need fuel. Rescue operations additionally need equipment and personnel. Israel intentionally blocking human

Verified VoterBolingbrook, IL

Supreme Court Justices are not above the law. Rulings bought by bribes are not legitimate. The current Republican Justices are making a mockery of the Constitution and what it stands for.

Map PinEvanston, IL

Urgent hearings needed on Supreme Court ethics crisis

The Supreme Court's ethics crisis has reached an untenable point, requiring immediate action from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin. Justice Samuel Alito's unethical conduct, exemplified by the recent revelations of insurrectionist flags flying at his residences, demands a forceful res

Map PinChicago, IL

Consider impeaching Justice Thomas over unethical financial disclosures

The recent financial disclosures revealing Justice Clarence Thomas's acceptance of lavish gifts and travel from wealthy supporters raise serious ethical concerns about conflicts of interest and undermine public trust in the impartiality of the Supreme Court. As a sitting Justice, Thomas is bound by

Map PinChicago, IL

Support STAGE Act to revive theater industry

Local theaters enrich communities and bolster local economies across the nation, but the industry is still reeling from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With reduced staffing, fewer productions, and many permanent closures, theaters require immediate support to revive and sustain th

Map PinGurnee, IL

Type 2 Diabetes Medicine Shortage

When drugs like Mounjaro were approved for people with Type II diabetes and that had chemically identical drugs like Zepbound approved for weight loss, per the FDA priority was supposed to be given to diabetes patients. Often times, pharmacies have a stock of the Zepbound available, but have no Moun

Map PinPeoria, IL

I am a constituent and am writing to urge you to focus on ANY work beyond defending former President Donald Trump. Stop creating legislation focused on his trial/s. Stop holding up the work in Congress. Please help your colleagues in the House get over this obsession with him and let our court syst

Verified VoterElk Grove Village, IL

Noah Berlatsky said it: it's time to step up While I appreciate your support for doing what's right both here and in Gaza, Noah Berlatsky is right: Congressional oversight hearings give Congress a chance to focus the national conversation on what members want to talk about. It gives them a chance t

Map PinChicago, IL

Thank you for voting against sanctions for the ICC. It was unsurprising legislation from maga. It was disgusting and surprising to see 42 Democrats join the party of lawlessness in that measure. Thank you for not joining in and for voting to uphold international law. Both Bibi and his ilk and Hamas

Map PinUrbana, IL

Hold Thomas and Alito accountable

I call on you to begin hearings on the many ethical violations and conflicts of interest by Justices Thomas and Alito. It’s baffling and disturbing that the Judiciary Committee has allowed Supreme Court corruption to go on this long without so much as an investigation. For the good of the country, t

Verified VoterHighland Park, IL

The House should censure Rep. Greene

The conduct exhibited during the recent congressional hearing was unacceptable and unbecoming of elected officials. Personal attacks and disruptive behavior undermine the integrity of these proceedings and erode public trust in our governing institutions. Regardless of political affiliations, all re

Verified VoterHighland Park, IL

Funding religious schools through vouchers

Taxpayer funds amounting to billions of dollars are now being diverted to religious schools through voucher programs. This raises concerns over the fundamental principle of separation of church and state enshrined in the Constitution. Public education should remain secular and accessible to all, wit

Verified VoterChicago, IL

Support Right to Contraception Act, uphold reproductive freedoms

The right to access contraceptives and engage in contraception is a fundamental right that affects individuals' privacy, health, dignity, and ability to equally participate in society. Your support for the Right to Contraception Act (S. 1999) would protect this vital right. The bill establishes a st

Verified VoterGlen Ellyn, IL

Call for Alito, Thomas to recuse on January 6th cases

Recent reporting has raised serious concerns about potential conflicts of interest and lack of impartiality regarding Justices Alito and Thomas presiding over cases related to the January 6th attack on the Capitol. The symbolic display of an upside-down American flag, associated with the "Stop the S

Verified VoterMedinah, IL

Permanent Ceasefire Now

When Netanyahu inevitably breaks his side of the newly proposed 6-week ceasefire, will you continue to send American tax dollars and weapons to Israel? People in our country are starving. I know several friends in their 30s who are homeless. And this is what you decide to fund. It’s sickening to see

Map PinScott Air Force Base, IL

Stop the genocide in Gaza now!

Dear President Biden, Senator Durbin, Senator Duckworth, and Representative Bost; I am writing to you urgently to call for immediate action in ending this genocide of Palestinian people. Haitham al-Hams, deputy director of ambulance and emergency services in Rafah, has reported that Israeli quadco

Map PinChicago, IL

The TRUMP act

--- **Title: The Restriction Upon Malfeasant Presidency (TRUMP) Act** **Preamble:** To ensure the integrity and trustworthiness of the office of the President of the United States, this bill aims to prevent individuals with felony convictions, involvement in fraud, insurrection, or improper retent

Verified VoterMedinah, IL

“I left my children playing in the tent. I hugged them as it felt like the last hug. I left to cook them something to eat. I came back panicking as I heard the airstrikes. I found my SIX children that couldn't fit in the tent. They burnt and became ash. I carried the six in my arm as if it were a ha

Map PinChicago, IL

Dismayed and disgusted doesn’t begin to cover how vile your actions and inactions regarding the people of Palestine. Right after October 7th, several government officials, including President Biden, touted Israeli lies about beheaded babies. Then, when Israel actually is responsible for beheaded bab

Map PinChicago, IL


I am horrified by the ongoing attacks of safe zones in Rafah and the fact that we are using US bombs and money for this genocide. As a constituent, I will not be voting for anyone in November that does not come out strongly against the use of US money to further support this genocide by Israel. Plea

Map PinCharleston, IL

Thank you!

Thank you for your work and action to keep the postal service strong. My mail comes through Champaign. I appreciate you!

Verified VoterChicago, IL

Urgent action is required against Israel burning people alive

I am writing to you following the horrific massacre in Rafah, which has seen Israel bomb displaced Palestinians taking refuge in tents. The strike resulted in widespread fires burning people alive, bodies being ripped to shreds and the decapitation of an infant child. Over 45 Palestinians have been

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