An open letter to Rep. Mariano, Gov. Healey, Sen. Keenan.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Mariano, Gov. Healey, Sen. Keenan

From: A constituent in Quincy, MA

May 28

Reform the two-party system, to allow more ideological diversity Many Americans have expressed frustration with the two-party political system, with a notable share wishing they had more choices. According to recent polling by Pew Research Center, 39% say they often wish there were more parties to choose from in the U.S., including nearly half of those under age 50. Meanwhile, the share of Americans holding unfavorable views of both the Republican and Democratic parties has grown to around a quarter. These findings reflect a concerning level of disillusionment with the current partisan dynamics, which have become increasingly polarized and hostile. With large majorities in both parties now ascribing negative traits like dishonesty, immorality and closed-mindedness to the opposing side, the two-party system risks further entrenching division rather than representing the full range of Americans' perspectives. A multi-party system allowing for more ideological diversity and coalition-building could reinvigorate faith in the political process and its ability to serve all citizens equitably. However, such a systemic change would require updates to election laws and overcoming the inherent advantages enjoyed by the established two parties. Pursuing these reforms is an immense but imperative undertaking to safeguard American democracy from excessive partisanship. This can be done through a rank-choice voting system in which voters rank the candidates in order of preference. This is how we save our democracy. I urge you to push for a bill that enacts rank-choice voting in all elections including those for federal office. It is imperative that this is done. We must also relax the requirements for third party candidates to qualify for debates, public funding, and ballot access.

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