In the United States of America we have Presidents, not Kings
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In the United States of America we have Presidents, not Kings

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Peabody, MA

July 2

highlight the ominous implications of this ruling and the slippery slope it creates. Upholding the rule of law and preventing a consolidation of unchecke the fundamental principle of checks and balances and the rule of law. No one should be above the law, especially the president. Allowing a president to c d executive power is a paramount concern. All branches of government need to act now to avoid collapse of our democracy. This Supreme Court ruling granting the president immunity from prosecution for official acts sets a dangerous and unacceptable precedent that undermines ommit crimes under the guise of "official acts" is a step towards tyranny and authoritarianism. The scenarios outlined by the dissenting SCOTUS justices

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