Vote YES for Rights to Contraception Act
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Vote YES for Rights to Contraception Act

To: Sen. Vance, Sen. Brown

From: A constituent in Dayton, OH

June 6

I am urging you to please vote YES to the Right to Contraception Act. As a woman who is currently pregnant, I firmly believe that the right to healthcare is an innate right for all women. There are so many different reasons for women to use contraceptives. This includes, but is not limited to, medical dangers of becoming pregnant, emotional and mental health, financial instability, and right to choose. Like I said, I am newly pregnant and very ecstatic. However, not too long ago I had a medical condition that would have been extremely dangerous for me to become pregnant so it was imperative that I use contraception to prevent pregnancy while I underwent other medical treatments. All women should have this right. Vote yes on the Right to contraception Act. Vote yes to protect women. Vote yes to save the independence and safety of your female constituents. Vote yes on the Right to contraception Act.

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