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To: Rep. Omar, Sen. Smith, Pres. Biden, Sen. Klobuchar

From: A constituent in Minneapolis, MN

May 7

The world is watching as Israel invades Rafah against mass protests by people and actions by governments of conscience all over the world. SHAME on the US, Canada, Europe and other world governments providing a green light and funding for Israel to continue to violate international law and further escalate this devastating, mass genocide in Palestine. SHAME on US senators for threatening to target the ICC if arrest warrants for Israeli war criminals are issued. We remember the Oslo Accords of 1993. We remember how the U.S. facilitated the backing of Palestinian leadership and resistance into an untenable corner in which they were forced to give up everything or expose the Palestinian people to further ethnic cleansing. But we know that no matter how many agreements Palestinians sign under force, Israel will continue its goal of expanding its founding mandate of minimum Palestinians on Palestinian Land for maximum land for Zionist settler colonialism. As with Oslo we see Western powers fortify Israel with weapons, political coverage, aid, and repression in order to protect their political and economic interests - interests that Israel protects through regional military threats, occupation, colonial expansion, and, now, mass murder in Palestine. As with Oslo, Israel and its backers attempt to criminalize and isolate anti-Zionism and the Palestinian cause. But, there have never been so many masses with Palestine, there has never been such blatant exposure of Israel. There is no going back. Boycott Divestment and Sanctions are growing. The world is with Palestine. We will not stop until the complete liberation of Palestine.

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