Boycott Netanyahu’s Upcoming Address to Congress
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Boycott Netanyahu’s Upcoming Address to Congress

To: Sen. Butler, Sen. Padilla, Rep. Napolitano

From: A verified voter in La Puente, CA

July 9

Subject: Urgent Call to Boycott Netanyahu’s Upcoming Address to Congress I urge you to join the growing number of lawmakers boycotting the address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress on July 24, 2024. There are several compelling reasons: Genocide and Mass Killings: The death toll in Gaza has reached up to 186,000, including deaths from conflict and indirect causes like diseases due to destroyed healthcare infrastructure and severe shortages of food, water, and shelter. War Crimes: The International Criminal Court seeks Netanyahu’s arrest for war crimes, with his policies causing massive civilian casualties and targeting infrastructure. Displacement and Starvation: Netanyahu’s military campaigns have led to the forced displacement and starvation of countless Palestinians. The blockade on Gaza has turned the region into an open-air prison. Endangerment of Jewish People and Increase in Antisemitism: According to Jewish Voice for Peace, Netanyahu’s actions have endangered Jewish people worldwide and increased antisemitism. They assert that anti-Zionism should not be conflated with antisemitism. Lies and Misinformation: Documents revealed that the Israeli Defense Forces employed the Hannibal Directive on October 7, using force to prevent soldiers from being taken captive by Hamas, endangering civilians. Humanitarian Crisis: The conflict has created a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with many areas inaccessible and thousands of bodies believed to be buried under rubble. Economic and Social Impact on Palestinians: The prolonged conflict and blockade have devastated the Palestinian economy and society, creating poverty and despair in Gaza and the West Bank. Escalation of Conflict and Destabilization: Netanyahu’s policies have escalated the conflict, destabilizing Gaza and the broader Middle East, contributing to a cycle of violence. The Inequality of Power and Self-Defense: The argument that Israel has a right to defend itself must be contextualized within the extreme imbalance of power between Israel and Palestine. Israel’s advanced military capabilities and U.S. support starkly contrast with the limited defense means of Palestinians, making the justification of self-defense for disproportionate force morally questionable. Boycotting this event would send a powerful message that we do not condone the atrocities committed under Netanyahu’s leadership.

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