Protect Peaceful Protesters
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Protect Peaceful Protesters

To: Sen. Smith, Pres. Biden, Rep. McCollum, Sen. Klobuchar

From: A constituent in Saint Paul, MN

May 2

The right to peacefully protest is a fundamental freedom enshrined in the Constitution. It allows citizens to voice their concerns and hold leaders accountable in a democratic society. However, recent legislation aimed at addressing antisemitism threatens to undermine this crucial right. HR 6090, the so-called Antisemitism Awareness Act, takes an overly broad and politicized approach that could have a chilling effect on free speech related to Israel and Palestinian rights. This misguided bill isolates antisemitism from other forms of hate and bigotry, ignoring the need for a comprehensive, intersectional approach to combating all forms of discrimination and violence motivated by prejudice. Rather than enacting flawed legislation that risks stifling legitimate protest and critique, Congress should focus its efforts on proactively addressing the root causes of antisemitism and other hate-motivated violence. Appropriating $10 million to fund and implement the commitments from the White House United We Stand Summit would be a positive step in this direction. True leaders should embrace policies that bring communities together across racial, ethnic, and religious lines – not divide them further. Protecting robust free speech rights, including the right to peaceful protest, is essential for maintaining a vibrant democracy. I urge you to reject HR 6090 and instead support measures that uphold civil liberties while combating hate through education, dialogue, and movement-building.

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