Urge President Biden to step aside and allow for fresh leadership
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Urge President Biden to step aside and allow for fresh leadership

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Cleveland, OH

July 10

President Biden has dedicated his life to public service and achieved historic accomplishments during his term. However, recent events have raised valid concerns about his ability to effectively lead the nation through the immense challenges we face over the next four years. As a Democrat, I firmly believe we must put the country's interests first and support a nominee who can defeat the grave threat posed by another Trump presidency. While I have the utmost respect for President Biden's commitment to democracy, I urge him to carefully consider stepping aside from the 2024 race. This difficult decision would demonstrate true patriotism and create an opportunity for a new generation of leaders to step forward with the vision, vigor and communicative abilities required to unite the nation and advance our shared values of justice, equality and prosperity for all Americans. President Biden's legacy is already cemented through his lifetime of public service - now is the time to pass the torch and ensure the Democratic party fields its strongest candidate to protect our democracy.

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