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Save Democracy

To: Sen. Cantwell, Rep. Kilmer, Sen. Murray

From: A constituent in Sequim, WA

April 3

I hope that you saw the article by the Cleveland Plain Dealer about speaking the truth in the Pres. Many of us in the public Captain wondering why the press and our representatives and senators are still talking about Trump if he is just another candidate running for office failing to call out, the lies, the fascism, the ugliness it’s time to tell the truth, we need for you to release Press articles and make public appearance of saying the truth about Trump the courage that editor did. And what is being done to protect the electoral college process against the violence of last election? Are you pressing on the FBI and the police to be prepared and not only did not protect you they did not protect us as citizens and our right to have our unfair elections validated , I have not seen anything is taking a stand to make sure that the Capital is protected next time or that the election results are protected in a better way. Whatever happened about the metal detectors in the building. Not only are your lives at risk our citizens are at risk from the fascist movement, I am really sick and tired of Democrats talking about it as if it’s another election some reasonable person. We need to emphatically call out the signs of fascism, which are so clear in the current Republican party and quit them as if they’re just another political party. God save America, but God can’t save America our representatives and senators don’t stand up with vigor and bravery. Thank you for all you have done, but we need to do more desperately need a stance against this erosion of our democracy.

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