Permanent and immediate Ceasefire
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Permanent and immediate Ceasefire

To: Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Walnut Creek, CA

May 28

Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza, Rafah and immediate withdrawal of all US funding for Israel. Killing innocent lives cannot be a symptom of war, it must not happen. This devastation and disregard for human life MUST STOP. No more war, no more funding violence when you can’t protect women and children here in the US. Enough of this violence! No more weapons to Israel. No more support for Netanyahu. Your actions now are murdering children, innocent lives. Violence cannot be the answer any longer—IT ISN’T WORKING. We need you to be re-elected, but this is nearly unforgivable. Please do better for the Palestinian children and women caught in this war created and perpetrated by greedy, selfish, broken men. Make your legacy something to inspire, not the same old war failures we have seen from Vietnam, Iraq, and more. Immediate and permanent ceasefire now. No more weapons to Israel. No more funding for Israel. I stand with Jewish people who are against violence. Do More today!

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