Presidential Debate
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Presidential Debate

To: Sen. Butler, Sen. Padilla, Rep. Bera

From: A constituent in Sacramento, CA

June 28

Good morning - as an American, I am shaken by the presidential debate performance from the Democratic Party candidate last night. When I consider what I can do because the DNC neither permitted any primary debates nor any meaningful primary challengers, I am left with pleading with my Democratic representatives, of which you are one. Please use your voice in the party and be clear-eyed. Joe Biden is not a bad president, but he no longer retains the air of authority and strength to be the leader of the only party capable of preventing the potential deconstruction of our Constitutional Republic. Urge anyone who you may have influence with for a graceful exit from Biden. This is not panic - this is pragmatic. The American people should not be held hostage by the bipartisan system, but since that is where we are, the Democratic Party should at a minimum strive to offer the best candidate to represent the platform with strength and clarity. We've swallowed the "lesser of two evils" pill for decades now; you at least owe us that.

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