Step Down Now
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Step Down Now

To: Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Tucson, AZ

July 5

Dear President Biden, I am writing again to encourage you to step asisde. You have done a fantastic job in difficult times and always considered you a one term President, given your advanced years. The job has aged you considerably, as it does all of our Presidents, and as of late, you sound like you’ve had several stiff drinks when you talk and look stiff, old and waxen. I say this with the utmost repect. You are a GOOD man! As Commander in Chief, you need to know when to tap out, and NOW is the time. Give VP Harris the nod. She can carry forth your legacy. For the good of the country, step aside. VP Harris will energize the women, the black and the younger voters in a way that YOU cannot do. Think about your nation. The most courageous and patriotic course of aciton for you moving forward is to take a bow and walk away. I am a retired Command Sergeant Major. This is the advice I would give my Commander.

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